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Meebike electric bike - NearMEE

All-terrain Electric Fat Bike

$300 off early bird price
$ 2199(pre-sale)
Meebike all-terrain electric bike, step thru

All-terrain Step-Thru Electric Fat Bike

$300 off early bird price
$ 2199(pre-sale)
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2-Year Warranty

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Step-Thru electric bike

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Featured E-Bikes

Featured E-Bikes

A true human-riding experience, feel the extension of your body!


Hydraulic Dual shock absorption system allows you to travel smoothly.

NearMEE Step-Thru

With a torque sensor that is more advanced than the traditional speed sensor, you can have the most perfect riding experience.

How to maintain electric bikes?
Electric bicycles are more and more popular in the city, which not only brings us great convenience but also saves us a few transportation costs. However, we will encounter some problems in daily use. What we need to know is...
Why you should consider owning a Meebike?
If you are like most people, you probably dread the thought of having to bike to work in the summer heat. However, what if there was a way to make biking more comfortable and fun? 
Is it worth getting an ebike?
The most vital question is why are people opting for e-bikes? There are many different reasons to have an electric bike. However, the prime reason is that they are very reliable, low carbon emission and ecofriendly.