Can you ride an electric bike on the sidewalk?

Legal electric bikes are considered equal as standard bicycles and they have to respect the laws and regulations about the road circulation. Sidewalks are reserved for people that are walking by foot, so you can't ride your electric bike on sidewalks.

A person that steps out from the bicycle and pushes it by hands it's considered a pedestrian, so it can walk on sidewalks only pushing the e-bike by hands. But, don't worry, electric bikes have so many other advantages that will let you overcome motorized vehicles while the city center street is very busy!

Let's see how convenient it is to ride an electric bike in the traffic and how you can trick the traffic to be faster than cars. Are you ready?

Overcome traffic with an ebike

Cars must follow the queue while driving in busy streets, and sometimes it becomes very boring and annoying because vehicles have to wait for traffic lights signals and keep the street busy for a long time.

In larger streets you can ride your electric bike in dedicated bike lanes, easily overcoming the whole quee of cars and vehicles, finding yourself facing the traffic light, ready to join the next quarter.

In the same way, if there isn't any bike lane, with careful attention, you can overcome other vehicles to bring yourself to the top of the quee. With that huge advantage, you will be definitely faster than a car while moving in the jammed street.

In peak hours cyclists are definitely faster than drivers, especially in the city center.

If you have to wait for the traffic light signal and you have to turn left or right in the road cross, there is a trick. Instead of waiting for a long lasting stop light, you can step off from your bike and use the sidewalk crossing pushing your bike by hand. And you will rapidly find yourself on the other side, ready to step on the bike to ride again!

Shortcuts and urban parks

While you pedal with an ebike, you will be able to use many other shortcuts that are available for bicycles only, and not for other vehicles. For example sometimes you have to follow one way streets with your car, you are close to your destination but the road is one way only on the other side, so you have to keep driving for a longer way..

If that street contains a bike lane, you can enter inside it, or simply step down from the bike as a pedestrian and walk for your destination.

At the same way, sometimes you find yourself an urban park or big square, with a car you will have for sure to drive all around it, instead with your ebike you can pass through it: some places are off limit from bikes, but in that case you can turn yourself in a pedestrian simply stepping off and pushing by hands.

As you see it's very easy to find shortcuts all around, and it became faster than any other vehicle.

Parking is not a problem: save time and space

Furthermore, while you drive an ebike you can literally reach the door of your destination, saving precious time for researching a parking space. Not only time but also money, because in many parking spaces you have to pay to park your car!

Ebike can be parked as a common bicycle, it requires little space and you can keep it close to you at the bar, to get eyes over it. Naturally we highly recommend locking the bike with a proper robust chain, linking it to something of the surroundings that can't be moved away.

 It's best to lock the bike under the eye of a surveillance camera, that will "guard" your bike and make life harder for thieves that are looking for prey.

Ebike Indoor storage

After your daily commuting you will need to store your bike inside home, and it requires a smaller space than a traditional car. You can use a small garage or bring it inside home, it will not smell of burned oil nor about fuel.

If you haven't space inside the home, you can buy a small tolls house for the garden, or even park it in the patio. We suggest locking the bike and buying a waterproof cover that will protect your beloved bike from rain, sun and elements. With winter low temperatures it's better to keep the battery indoor, otherwise it will lose performances and a part of the total capacity.

As you see, ebikes are so versatile and convenient as commuting vehicles, they require little space and they can bring you straight to your destination using shortcuts and dedicated bike lanes. What are you waiting for, move faster and smarter, grab your electric bike today!