Do I need a bike with a suspension?

In the market you can find a lot of electric bikes that are made for urban commuting and off-roading. Every model has different specs according to the builder and customer target, but in general we can surely say that e-bikes equipped with suspension are definitely more comfortable than models that didn't have any suspension.

Suspension means a dedicated shox that's made to absorb bumps, impacts and vibrations that comes from the ground. Suspensions fit some coil mechanism or oil cartridges or even air chambers, that are made to absorb smoothly any impact.

Most ebikes are equipped with a single front suspension, a suspended fork, those models are called hardtail or front suspended, because they have a rigid frame back. On the other hand models that equipe a double suspension system are called full suspended, that means that the frame fits a rear suspension and a front fork.

The fully suspended electric bike offers more comfort and it's suitable for those that are looking for a smooth ride in the city and off road in the surrounding area. In fact, thanks to the double suspension it's possible to overcome bumpy roads, roots, rocks and other obstacles that are typical in unpaved terrains.

Suspensions are fundamental to keep the wheel in contact with the ground after each impact, infact a rigid frame ebike tends to bounce and easily lose control after strong impacts.Suspension are fundamental to add safety in the ride!

So, if you ask yourself: Do I need a bike with suspension? The answer is always a clear Yes. Because you will get comfort, control and safety over any kind of terrain.

Suspended fork: hard tail

The most common model is equipped with a front suspend fork that's meant to do the main part of the job, but you have to keep in mind that what you cross easily with the first wheel, will bounce over the rear wheel because the frame is rigid.

That kind of hard tail ebike requires a more active drivestyle, you have to raise your bottom from the saddle while you get a rear impact, so leggs and saddle movement will work as a "suspension", otherwise you will get the full hit in your body.

Normally front forks have some possibility to be adjusted, with a lock trigger and a spring or air Pre-load trigger. The lock system activates an inner valve or cartridge that looks at the fork, the suspension becomes firmer and will not bounce on impacts.

The lock system deactivates the suspension, it can sound weird and useless but it's ment to be used while for example you ride in a very smooth asphalt surface and you want to obtain the maximum amount of speed and reduce rolling resistance.

In Fact the suspension tends to dissipate a bit of energy and speed while working, instead when you lock it you obtain a more reactive and fast vehicle. As a drawback obviously you lose in terms of comfort and control in case of bumps and vibrations.

Rear suspension: full suspended ebike

As we said before, fully suspended electric bikes offer the best in terms of comfort, control and grip in any kind of terrain, in urban environments and obviously off road.

The rear suspension will offer a smooth seat and will not require a so active drive style, in fact it will absorb bumps for you, and you can stay sitting focusing over the steering. A full suspended ebike gives you the possibility to drive in a more dynamic way, with some drops, overcoming road bumps, little stairs and so on.

Or if you like to go offroad for a little adventure, and ride over roots, rocks, stones and gravel roads. It will be the perfect choice to keep the full traction while the terrain becomes bumpy and rough. It's the right choice for who loves adventures and exploration!

The rear suspension also reduces the stress of the chassis, because it absorbs the main part of impacts and vibrations, so the metal fatigue will be reduced for a longer lasting life.

Want some extra suspensions? Choose Fat tires

If you want to add even more comfort, traction and a comfy feeling, you can choose an ebike equipped with wide wheels and Fat tires. Fat tires are inflate with a large volume of air and they work as an air cuscino that offers an extra suspension feeling.

Fat tires combined with a double suspension will work as a great choice, because the tire itself will absorb vibrations and small bumps, while the suspension will take charge of bigger impacts and drops. You will feel like youre reading a tank over a war zone, with plenty of control and comfort in any road condition.

If you're looking for your first electric bike, we can suggest the Meebike Gallop, that's powered by a double suspension system and wide fat tires, to obtain the best in terms of performance and comfort, on road and off road.