Do you know how to ride an ebike?

Ebikes are made to be performing and fast, so we are going to give you some tips to get out the most and to be safe while riding!

A road legal ebike it's considered a standard bicycle, but it's way faster and more powerful, so you must pay more attention while riding. In general it's not mandatory to wear a helmet, but we strongly recommend you to wear it!

In fact, electric bikes are capable of bringing you up to 28 mp/h, so ebike it's quite fast and a fast fall can be very dangerous. The cyclist's head must be always well protected and safe, in case of accidents. So, be smart and buy a helmet that can save your life in case of an emergency.

You will also need to wear comfortable shoes avoiding high heels that are very dangerous if combined with pedals.

The wind, the sun and the rain it's annoying while it strikes in your face and eyes, so we suggest you use a pair of glasses, they can be sunglasses during the day or clear lens ones if driving in the dark. They can also protect you from impacts with flying insects, which are very hard and can hurt you if they strike straight in your eyes.

About driving, you must always respect all road rules and be very careful to avoid any accidents. You have to drive according to traffic conditions, slowing down when it can be dangerous.

So, let's go deeper in detail with some suggestions and driving tips.

Safety and clothes for ebikes

While driving an ebike you should always wear a helmet, to be well protected in case of impact and fall. Bike helmets are very easy to find and cheaper. More expensive models, in general,  offer a lighter product with higher materials quality: as a result the helmet will be more comfortable and long lasting.

The safety level will be very similar, because also cheaper models have to fit the legal requirements to be sold.

We suggest you buy a comfortable city bike helmet, that will be the perfect companion for your commuting. If you have a higher budget, we can suggest you look for modern smart helmets, that have some integrated extra light or GPS features, to get out more visibility and safety.

About glasses, you can use your prescription glasses or a standard pair of sunglasses. If you ride in a low light environment or during the night, it would be good to wear a pair of clear lenses, or yellow lenses that enhance the visibility and lightness. Beware, don't wear yellow lenses with sunlight, or you will be binded by the sun!

Shoes, avoid high heels or beach sandals, they can be dangerous while driving in the street.

If you drive with low temperatures in winter, wear some gloves, or your hands will be sore because of the cold air. Cold hands can cause a lack of control over the handlebar and brakes, so keep your hands warm.

Driving tips for ebike riders

Let's see how to properly ride an ebike, with some technical tips to improve your skills and safety. Ebikes are fast so you must always keep your eyes on the street and never get distracted.

Never use headphones with music because you have to be aware about cars and other vehicles that surround you. With headphones you can't hear if a car is approaching!

Never raise both your hands from the handlebar, must always keep contact with the steer. The road can reserve you an unexpected hole or obstacle, so you must be ready to approach and overcome it. At the same time never use the phone while riding, we suggest hanging a phone holder in the handlebar and using the loudspeaker for free hands.

Keep both hands ready to engage brakes while you go fast and approach a traffic light. It's always better to slow down gradually than to do hard braking at the last moment, it can cause an accident and a fall.

While braking, always use both brakes together and avoid using only the front brake, because it can start a dangerous rollover or a front tyre side slide.

Mind your foots position while turning

About curves and touring, it's fundamental to avoid pedaling while entering a curve and bending the bike. At that moment you have to stop pedaling for a while and focus on your foot's position: the foot that's close to the curve has to be raised up. Consequently, the opposite foot will be low. That position it's needed to keep the natural weight balance and to avoid striking the ground with your foot or pedal.

Example, if you're turning left, the left foot and pedal have to be raised up, on the opposite side if you're turning right, the right foot has to be raised up.

About turning and brakes, avoid braking while turning, it's better to slow down before to turn, and if you have to slow down more, it's better to gently use the rear brake only, and prepare your leg for an emergency touch of the ground. 

Those pieces of advice will help you to grow your skills and confidence with your ebike, for a safe and fun ride.