Can an Ebike Replace a Car

Today we talk about vehicles and transportation, analyzing the benefits that you can easily achieve riding an electric bicycle instead of driving a classic petrol propelled car.

Those advantages will be even more effective and clear if you have to move in the same city with a short path, in fact the electric bike will provide you a lot of benefits in terms of money savings, health and freedom. The car remains the best choice if you have to drive far away from the city, because it will be more convenient and faster for long distances on open roads.

But, if you have to drive in the middle of the city for a short path, it's definitely better to ride an electric bike, it's cheaper and more practical and in addition will help you to gain good health and save money for your passions.

Recent studies discovered that the main part of the population drives alone in a car to reach the working place, that normally it's not so far from the home. It means that people generate a lot of traffic in the streets, because of the size of the car that it's 10 times bigger than a bicycle. And we all know that traffic jams slow down all the vehicles flow and make people angry and disappointed.

So, why choose to drive a car alone for a short path? Is it a smart choice?  Let's discover it by analyzing all the benefits that you can get choosing an ebike.

Ebike VS Car: start to save money

Money it's an important argument and we are sure that you care a lot about your savings, so we start talking about the fact that an ebike is way cheaper if compared with a car.

A brand new cheap city car can cost more than ten thousand dollars, and you will have to spare the payment in monthly installments for many years to get the whole amount paid...

On the other hand a good urban ebike can cost you around 2.000 USD, and as you can easily understand that amount can be paid with some months of savings and few installments, also without opening a bank loan!

So, the first point is that the cost itself is way lower than a car, then you have to understand that an ebike doesn't require paying for taxes and insurance, so you can definitely save a big quote of money during the year.

Cars require a lot of scheduled maintenance in workshops, otherwise the warranty will be unvalidated: will be needed to change filters, oil, components etc.. It means that you will have to plan a lot of side expenses to keep your car in a good working order.

Fuel cost vs electric charge

As we have seen, the car brings a lot of side expenses that you can't avoid, and in addition you have to bear with the increasing cost of fuels, which has recently been rising so much.

An ebike electric charge costs a few UDS cents (0,30/0,60 USD), versus a fuel tank that costs around a hundred USD.

As you can easily understand, if you choose to ride an electric bike you will also save so much money that you normally spend on gasoline or diesel.

No training needed: effortless pedaling

Ebikes are considered as standard bicycles and are equipped with an electric motor that helps you while pedaling, giving you a powerful support to move around fast and without a big effort. It means that you can ride uphill easily, like you're riding on a flat surface.

It also means that you don't need to be well trained or fit to ride an ebike, that results to be a great choice also for those that are not sportive or cyclist. The motor offers different levels of assistance that you can switch according to your needs, to put less or more effort over pedals.

Pedaling will give you benefits in terms of health and happiness, because the sport activity activates your body's immune system and releases endorphins, giving you a strong health and a nice smile.

Ebikes are practical

Electric bikes are more compact and practical than a huge car, in fact you don't need a big parking space and you can drive it straight to your destination, literally in front of the door.

You can use dedicated bike lanes and take some shortcuts inside urban parks or on streets, avoiding traffic jams.

On the other hand, every car rider experiences the fact that you have to spend a lot of time searching for a parking spot, and sometimes it's not easy to find it, or you have to park the car far from your destination. In addition, the main part of the park needs to be paid, so you have to spend some extra money to park your vehicle.

Home storage, an ebike requires a small space and can  be easily stored inside home or in a small garage. The car requires a dedicated garage space that's definitely more expensive.

After that analysis we are sure that you definitely want to start to save money and switch from your car to an ebike, so we can recommend you to give a look at those brand new models from Gallop Ebikes.

You can find some reliable and comfortable models made for the urban environment and equipped with a full pack of accessories. What are you waiting for? Change your life, buy an ebike!