Electric Bike Beginner Tips

Riding an electric bike is very similar to riding a traditional bike, but there are also some differences. Because electric bicycles are usually heavier than ordinary bicycles and powered by electric motors, the control mode of electric bicycles is different from that of ordinary bicycles. For beginners, there are no special skills for riding an electric bike. The key is to master balance. After all, the operation of electric bicycles is relatively simple compared with other means of transportation. Except for the light buttons on the handle, only the brake handle and throttle need to be controlled.

Seat height

Before learning to ride an electric bike, first adjust the height of the saddle and handlebars to the safest and most comfortable position, especially the height of the saddle. When you need to stop during the ride, it is best to keep your feet on the ground, if you can't adjust the height of the saddle, you can skip this step.

Daily security check

Check your bike frequently to make sure it is safe to ride. Before you ride an e-bike, check it out thoroughly. To check if the tires are inflated, the handlebars are steered reliably, the brakes are nimble and effective, etc. (Especially with the brakes, heavier bikes take longer to slow down when traveling at higher speeds. There should be extra when braking time.)

Safety first

Just like we consciously fasten our seat belts when getting in the car, wearing a helmet and other safety gear before riding an e-bike should also become a habit, be sure to wear the helmet correctly, preferably high-visibility clothing. When going out at night or in low light conditions, the rider should turn on the lights so that other vehicles can see.


Start by riding an e-bike in an area with little traffic, preferably with a slight incline and a lot of space. It's important to practice starting, stopping, and hard braking techniques so you can understand how your bike will perform and you can feel comfortable with the extra weight. Practice turning and navigating turns around obstacles so you feel comfortable with the handling of the bike. When turning, pay attention to slow down, so as to ensure that your body is safe when turning.

Strike a balance

The most important point is to keep balance. The electric bicycle has a powerful motor, which can push you on gentle slopes and along trails, so it is heavier than ordinary bicycles. You should control the speed well during riding. As long as you practice hard, we believe beginners will soon be able to master it. When riding, you can slowly turn the throttle to increase the speed of the electric bike. In this process, you can gradually master the balance point according to your own feelings. The throttle control can keep the bike's speed under your control. Be sure to know how to shift gears for your electric bicycle under all circumstances. If you are unsure, please check the user manual or tutorial video.

Riding rules

Drunk driving is illegal, and it is better to ride an electric bicycle after drinking! When driving an electric bicycle, you must abide by traffic laws, don’t go in the wrong direction or run a red light, observe the surrounding environment, and ensure safe riding.

Riding steps

1. Grasp the handlebars with both hands in a comfortable way, not too tense and stiff in the arms.

2. After turning on, slowly add the accelerator, do not add too much at once, so as not to rush out.

3. When riding, place your feet on the pedals, control the accelerator with one hand, prepare to brake with the other, and keep your eyes on the front.

4. When going downhill, pay attention to deceleration, lower the accelerator, and control the brakes.

5. When an electric bike arrives at an intersection, it is necessary to slow down and see the road conditions and the driving conditions of other vehicles. When passing traffic lights, obey traffic rules and do not run red lights.

Tips and precautions when turning:

When the electric bikes turn, slow down and check the front and rear.

When turning, you need to turn on the turn signal, which can prompt the vehicle behind to turn.

When turning, you can also honk to alert other vehicles.

Final words

It is essential to drive slowly at the beginning. At a lower speed, you will ride your bike more comfortably. Before starting to ride on the road, you must be familiar with the electric bicycle and your local laws and regulations. If you are considering buying an electric bicycles from Meebike , you already know that this will be an investment. You should consider adding anti-theft accessories to stop thieves.