How do you choose your first electric bicycle?

Sustainable mobility and environmental care ethics are growing rapidly in the last years, peoples are aware about the dangerous climate change and want to take an active part to contribute to reducing pollution and environmental impact.

Electric bikes are a great choice for daily commuting and for leisure, an ecologic vehicle that's capable of offering a lot of benefits and advantages. It's the best way to move forward in a greener future, so what are you waiting for?

Maybe you're wondering which model you should buy as your first electric bicycle. It's a very common request, especially because of the variety offered in the ebikes market. You can find many different models and prices, so you will need to carefully check to find out which is the best.

The deeper you go in details, the more you get confused by tech specs, because you find a lot of different components. Starting from motors, batteries, display, frame kind, accessories and so on..

Today we are going to see together which ebike it's best, to let your choice be easier and wiser. Are you ready? Take a comfy seat and keep reading.

Price and quality: how much to spend?

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the electric bike price: how much should I spend for an ebike?

The answer is not a certain amount of money but we can give you a range to get a good quality and performing electric bike that will satisfy your needs. In fact we highly recommend avoiding buying very cheap models that you can find in the market, because they have a poor quality and they will not result in reliable and safe enough.

The right price range for buying a good electric bike can be good starting from 1.500 USD till 2.500 USD. If you spend less, you can't expect to get something reliable that can last in time.

In that price range you will get a good motor, battery, brakes and useful accessories.

Motor power and speed: local legislation count the most

When you have to buy an ebike you can be tempted to buy the most powerful model with a super motor and a very fast speed, but we remind you that's not the "right choice" if you want to be aligned with rules. In fact before buying an electric bike you must check your local rules and legislation about ebikes.

In the USA we have different legislation and rules that classify electric bikes: in the main part of the states we have a 3 Class categories that are considered road legal and compared as a standard bicycle, that means that you will not have obligations and you can ride exactly as a human propelled bicycle.

Please, remember to check every detail, because rules specify the max motor power and speed limit that is allowed to get the same bicycle treatment, otherwise they will be compared to motorized vehicles and you will have to put a plate, pay insurance etc..

In the most common category of road legal ebikes are allowed motors with a 750 Watt power and a max speed of 28 Mp/h for a category 3 ebike.

Comfort and performance

If you are looking for an ebike that you will ride daily in an urban environment, you will need a model that offers at the same time comfort and performance.

We recommend pointing to models that are equipped with a set of suspensions that are needed to let the ride be smooth and relaxing. Best models have a double suspension frame, with a suspended fork in the front paired with rear suspensions. That configuration it's very good for urban riders and can be suitable as well for off-roading, if you like to leave the beaten path to discover new places.

About performance we suggest buying the most powerful motor that fits your local legislation, if the maximum allowed is 750W, go for it. Good motors offer enough speed and a good amount of torque that is needed for uphill and speeding up faster.

Accessories are fundamental

If you ride in an urban environment you will appreciate for sure the set of urban accessories that will add value to your electric bike that result in versatility for many kinds of uses. From a fast mobility vehicle to reach the working place to a convenient way to go to the grocery shop to buy food.

You will need for sure a set of LED lights to be well visible and safe in the street, in the day and while the light goes down. Mudguards are fundamental to keep your clothes clean and dry while the road is dirty or wet.

In addition a rear rack it's needed to carry stuff: you can also add a bike bag that will be useful for shopping and carring.

Summarizing, look for your local e bike legislation and take note about requirements. If allowed, pick a 750W motor electric bike, with a fully suspended comfortable frame. Don't forget to choose an e-bike packed with a full set of urban accessories!ù

If you need an example we suggest you look at the brand new Meebike Gallop that's offered with two frame options: classic frame or step-thru frame. naturally it's packed with a double set of suspensions, a 750W powerful motor and full urban set.

You can find more details on the producer website.