How Does an ebike Work?

If you're looking for your first electric bike, probably you're wondering how an ebike works.


We can explain it as a green vehicle that stays "in the middle" between a normal bicycle and an electric scooter. In Fact it's built as a bicycle with a drivetrain and pedals, so it can be propelled by human power, but to make it easier to ride and more comfortable, it's powered by an electric motor.


A good and modern ebike can be used with 3 different modes: human power only (pedaling), pedaling assistance mode (motor helps the cyclist while pedaling) or Full Electric mode in which the motor does all the job, like in "classic" vehicles.


So, as you can see, ebikes are very versatile, and they can be ridden combining those different modes, according to riders wishes and needs.


Bicycle powered by a motor


Electric motors can be about different kinds and power, we mention the main categories that are Mid Motors and Rear Hub motors: about the second category we also have Speed Sensor motors and Torque Sensor motors that are more sophisticated. To understand how they work, keep reading our dedicated article about Speed and Torque sensors.


As we just said, ebikes are like a standard bike powered by an electric motor, that will help the cyclist while pedaling, to reduce physical fatigue and effort. The pedaling assistance starts while the rider pushes on pedals, and lets the bike move faster like you have superhuman powers on your legs.


The motor it's controlled with a display and remote, and lets you choose between different levels of assistance, to give you the power that you want. First levels are made to let you put some effort and do exercise to keep yourself in a good shape, while higher assistance levels will take the charge of moving the bike giving you a very light and "effortless" pedaling movement.


It's definitely a game changer for those who don't have an appropriate training level, because you will be able to face uphils and long distances without sweat.. the motor will push you uphill like you have infinite power on your legs.


Steep ramps and climbs will not be a problem for anyone, also for those who are recovering from an injury, or even for elders people. Anyone can appreciate the precious help of the electric motor, to enjoy the effortless pedaling feeling.


Bike or scooter?


Modern ebikes also offer the Full Electric mode that can be activated with the throttle. The motor will take all the charge of moving and pushing the rider, like a classic petrol fueled scooter.


That feature can be useful when you feel particularly tired or want to sit and chill enjoying the landscape. As a drawback, the full electric mode drops the battery quickly, because it requires a higher electricity consumption.


Modern ebikes can offer a good range with a single charge that goes up to 80+ miles, according to the battery capacity and motor power. But naturally it depends on the driving style and many other parameters such as: terrain, slope, driving style, level of assistance, tyre pressure and so on..


Ebike components


As a standard bicycle we find two wheels, a drivetrain with more gears, some brakes, saddle and some more urban accessories to make the electric bike useful and comfy in urban environments.


The frame it's robust and a bit heavier than a standard bike, because it has to be reliable and stiff to support the high speed and torque given by the electric motor. For that reason all components are more robust and heavier than standard ones: if you want to go deeper in details and discover how much weight an e-bike, read our dedicated article.


The drivetrain it's capable of giving you different gears to take speed, or to go up in a climb. As a standard bicycle you must always use the right gear to get out the best in terms of performances, speed and battery consumption.


Brakes have to be stronger to stop the extra weight and speed, so normally ebikes equipe a set of disk brakes: they can be mechanical or hydraulic to get more performance and less effort over the leverage.


Comfort and Accessories


With an electric bike you can move with style and comfort, thanks to the suspension system that can be full (a double suspension, front and rear) or only a front suspended fork. In addition, you will find a soft and comfy saddle that accomodate any rider. 


Urban set: electric bikes are made to be very versatile and practical, so they equip a full set of accessories like: rear rack, mudguards, kickstand, LED lights and some extra like a phone holder.


That mix it's useful to move in the city with comfort and safety, lowering the impact over the environment. If you haven't yet bought an ebike, we give you some good reasons to get an electric bike.


Be smart and go grab your new ebike today, give a look to those performing brand new Gallop ebikes.