How durable is a high-quality electric bicycle?

Modern high quality electric bikes are meant to be performing and reliable, they are built with robust components that are durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can get a good lifespan for your ebike, but if you want to be sure to get the best result, you have to take care of your electric bike. Fair enough?

Bike components need to be cleaned and periodically checked, to be sure that you're riding a safe electric bike in perfect working order. As any other vehicle, it's subject to wear, vibrations, impacts and potential damages coming from environment elements and road debris. So it's needed to check all screws and joints to be sure that everything is well tightened.

At the same time, some components have a natural consumption and wear, like for example brake pads and tyres, so they need to be inspected often to be replaced with the right timing.

With some patience and handy skills, you can recur to Fai Da te, to check your bike and do maintenance, saving precious money and taking care of your loved transportation vehicle. 

If you ride in winter conditions or off road, the electric bike will also need to be washed and cleaned, to remove debris and mud. 

As much care you will give to your bike, as much time it can last in a perfect shape! 

So, are you ready to know a list of checks? Keep reading and take care of your e-bike!

How to make an ebike last longer: maintenance is the key

Maintenance of an electric bike prevents the occurrence of much more expensive problems that require the intervention of a specialized mechanic. So, if you want your e-bike to be always efficient and reliable, you will need to take care of it before, during and after use. 

Maintenance level also depends on the intensity of use, higher use requires more maintenance and care. If you ride every day, it will be necessary to inspect the electric bike more often. than if you ride it a few times a week.

Let's see together a series of operations and measures that allow you to keep your pedal assisted bike in perfect operating conditions. The maintenance operations of an ebike are quite simple and within everyone's reach: you need some basic tools, adequate space, specific products and a pinch of manual skills.

Ebike maintenance: tire pressure check

Let's start from an easy operation, the tires pressure check: this check allows you to be sure that the tires are always inflated with the right operating pressure. If you use the electric bike with flat tires you can more easily run into punctures and pinch the inner tube. Two tasks that can force you to stop for repairs in the middle of the street!

On the shoulder of the tire you will find a wording that indicates the pressure values ​​in BAR or PSI at which you have to inflate the tire: find a range with MIN and MAX values, respectively minimum and maximum pressure. You must therefore inflate without ever exceeding the maximum and you must make sure that the wheel is no longer deflated than the minimum level.

To do this you need a common ground pump with a pressure gauge, a compressor or a digital pressure gauge. With the optimal pressure you improve the performance of the bike and consequently also lower the battery consumption. The tire wears less and will last longer.

A very swollen tire runs better on the asphalt but on the other hand tends to "bounce" on the dirt road, and vice versa. Then find the most suitable pressure for the type of distance you are practicing.

Brake adjustments: safety comes first

Before driving an electric bike, it is a good idea to check the braking system to verify that it is effective and free from defects. The brakes are necessary to ensure adequate safety, you must therefore check that they are in perfect order before each ride.

With normal use the brake pads tend to wear out, which is why soon or later will require a new adjustment of the brake pads or a replacement. Especially if your pedal assisted bike is equipped with mechanical brakes.

Before riding, check that the braking is effective, if the lever sinks too much you can act on the different adjusters to tension the steel cable and the lever. Or you can also use the Allen keys to adjust the position of the pad which in the mechanical system remains stationary on the right side.

Hydraulic brakes are more reliable and they need less adjustment, you can make the lever firmer by adjusting the little screw that's located behind the lever. After the first amount of miles, with a new ebike, we suggest you go to your favourite bike shop for a brake setup, they will position the caliper in the right place to get a better pads duration and equal consumption on left and right pad.  

Keep the chain well lubed

Before setting off, you must always check that the chain is properly lubricated and that the gearbox works smoothly. A lubed drivetrain makes pedaling smoother and prevents mechanical breakage of the chain due to excessive friction.

In fact, remember that an ebike stresses the mechanical components more, which must therefore be in perfect order. Just think of the fact that with a traditional bike you go up a hill climbing slowly, while with an ebike it is possible to climb quickly with maximum power. This gap puts double strain on the chain and the gearbox. Breakage of components thus becomes much easier!

To check the operation of the gearbox: if you have it available, use a maintenance stand, hang the bike and check that each gear works correctly. Otherwise proceed with the adjustment of the gearbox. If you do not have a kickstand available, you can check the shift "pedaling in front of the house".

Instead, to check the state of lubrication, with the bike stationary, you can pass your finger by sliding it between the chain rollers: if these rotate freely as you pass, the chain is well lubricated. If, on the other hand, the links are "blocked" you can add some lubricating oil for the chain. Keep a rag handy to clean yourself of dirt.

Before oiling, let's remove the dirty oil and insert the new lubricant.

Now you know how to check your electric bike, keep it in a perfect shape and you will have fun for a long time!