How fast does a 750W E-bike go?

Let's talk about a frequent question, that is about the ebike speed. People ask often about how fast an electric bike goes with a 750 Watt motor, so let's dig in the argument. 

We should say that first of all it depends on the kind of electric bike, as well by the tires kind and pressure, the cyclist weight and shape: we all know that aerodynamics and rolling resistance influence the total speed and performances of any vehicle, and that a lighter rider can get more speed than an heavier one.

Said that, we must mention the fact that an ebike has to fit some max speed requirements to be considered road legal. So, if you want to pedal on the street with a regular ebike that's considered equal to a standard bicycle, the maximum speed it's locked to 20 mph.

A road legal Class 2 ebike equipped with a 750 W motor, with pedaling assistance and throttle functions, can reach the max speed of 20 mph. A class 3 ebike with only pedaling assistance can reach an higher 28 mph speed, but it has some limitations, like for example can't ride inside bike lanes.

Summarizing, the maximum speed of a 750W ebike it's electronically locked to 20 mph by the producer, to ensure that the electric bike suits the rules and local legislation to be road legal.

In the market you can also find some models that aren't locked, with a higher speed,  but beware, they can't be ridden in the street and you will get high fees if they catch you riding fast!

First we mentioned ebike classes, so we are going to spend some more time talking about it.

Ebikes speed regulations in the U.S.A.

In recent years ebikes have spread all over the nation, so it was truly necessary to make some new rules and regulations. The new regulation removes eBikes from the motor vehicle category, freeing them from use on non-motorized trails. In particular the new law provides that:

All electric bicycles are no longer defined as "motor vehicles" or off-road vehicles, but they are properly defined within three dedicated categories called Class: we have Class 1, Class 2 and finally Class 3.

Class 1: pedal assist only / maximum assisted speed 20 mph;

Class 2: pedal assist and throttle / maximum engine speed 20 mph. Classes 1 and 2 are regulated exactly like standard bicycles.

Class 3: Pedal assist only / maximum assisted speed 28 mph. Due to the higher speed, that category has some restrictions from certain bike trails and bike paths, like urban bike lanes.

Actually, electric bike cyclists have similar rights, privileges and duties of traditional cyclists, and local area managers may authorize some or all categories of ebike on roads, paths and trails where they are permitted.

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, the adopted rules largely finalize the existing federal definition of eBikes as a two- or three-wheeled cycle with fully operable pedals and an electric motor of no more than 750 watts.

As you can see from the rules, ebikes equipped with a motor that exceed 750W are considered as Vehicles and they have to bear different rules and treatments.

How to get more performance from the ebike

As we said you can't modify the maximum speed but you can get better performances in terms of acceleration and range, reducing the battery consumption. How to get it?

It's a matter of drive style and some technical advice. For example if you ride your bike mainly in the asphalt, a set of tires with a rounded semi slick surface will offer less rolling resistance that means a better speed and less battery consumption.

As well, it's a matter of air pressure, a deflated tire will offer more grip and a high level of rolling resistance, that also means a lower response in terms of speed and acceleration and a higher energy consumption.

Using a higher pressure the tyre will have a rounded shape and will roll faster. Beware, never inflate the wheel overcoming the MAX value that you can find on the outer side of the tire.

We advise you to check the tire pressure often, to be sure riding with the right pressure.

About the driving style, to improve the speed and acceleration, try to help the motor pedaling especially while you start from zero or when you're riding uphill, you will reduce the power unit effort and get a higher speed.

Your body it's like a big wing that catches the air and slows down the ebike, as "the larger and wider" you lay on the bike, the more wind you will catch, reducing the speed. On the other hand, if you get closer to the handlebar and reduce your shape with a more aerodynamic shape, you definitely will go faster!

Looking for a fast 750W ebike?

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