How has an electric bike impacted your physical fitness ?

Legal electric bikes are considered equal as standard bikes, in fact and they equipe an electric motor that helps the cyclist to pedal with less effort and fatigue, giving a precious support while pedaling.

You're probably wondering if an electric bike can be used for fitness and if it can provide you benefits and impact positively on your physical fitness. The answer is yes, in fact an ebike is useful for people that want to gradually start with fitness and improve their level of training and health in a safe and comfortable way.

An electric bike will help you to do some physical exercise with a safe support that makes your effort valuable in terms of gaining general health, happiness and self care.

Let's go deeper in detail to discover how you can get the best result from an electric bike, doing some valuable fitness.

Individual sport and fitness: cycling VS running

If you want to start doing some fitness and sport you're probably thinking about running and cycling, those are the best cardio activities that you can do outdoors on your own, at any time  and with little equipment.

Running it's a very "easy" activity, you need to wear some comfortable clothes and shoes, and you can go outside in the city or to your favourite spot. As a drawback we have to underline that running can be dangerous for your joints, muscles and in general for legs, especially if you're overweight and inactive for a long period.

It happens because all the body weight will be charged on your legs that have to face several impacts at each step. Eventually, that kind of heavy activity can result in an injury or a lot of fatigue and can easily discourage beginner runners from continuing the activity.

On the other hand we can say that cycling is a lot safer for your legs and articulations, because your weight is well distributed over two wheels and your legs will not carry a heavy load or impacts. Cycling it's definitely safer for joints than running, and will be a very effective cardio activity.

While you run by your own foots, you "can't rest"during the activity, you need to stop and then be back on running, instead while you're riding a bike you can alternate the pedaling action with some "rest" because the bike will continue to roll over the street and you keep yourself sit and breathing.

As you can see cycling results as a safer and more convenient activity for those that are starting to do some activity and want to get benefits in terms of health and physical fitness.

Sport gives you health

Cardio activity helps you to burn a lot of calories, improve your blood circulation and improve resistance with a better breathing capacity.

Pedaling a bike you can easily lose weight, reinforce your muscles and get a better body shape. You can gain resistance and reinforce your immune system to be stronger against diseases.

You will also gain in terms of happiness discovering your city and the countryside with a different point of view.  So, what's better than to pedal with a bike?

Electric bike vs standard bike

You can go cycling with your classic bike and you will get a lot of benefits and health, but we must say that depending on your starting level can be challenging, especially if you have to face some climbs and long distances.

In fact, with a standard bike all the effort of moving the bike it's on your charge by human strength propulsion, and while you start the activity we recommend to choose easy trails with flat surfaces and with a short distance, because the fatigue will arrive in the middle of the ride and we remind you that you have to go back home with your own strength.

With an electric bike you can count on the precious support and help of the electric propulsor, that lets your movement over pedals lighter and with less effort. It results in the perfect choice for who is starting the activity after a very long inactive period, for those who are overweight and for olders.

The motor will help you to face uphills like you're pedaling on a flat surface, and will let you improve your fitness level gradually. The motor can be activated with some different assistance levels that give more or less support. Thanks to that possibility, you can gradually reduce the help of the motor while you feel more fit and trained, and add some support in the moment that you feel tired and out of shape.

Modern ebikes also equipe a sophisticated torque sensor that gives you a very smooth and natural pedaling feeling that is very close to a standard bike. Those e-bikes are the perfect choice for people that want to do training and fitness.

We suggest giving a look to the urban ebikes by Meebike, powerful and versatile electric bikes equipped with a sophisticated torque sensor, for an efficient and natural pedaling feeling.

What are you waiting for?  Grab your new Gallop ebike today and start your training!