How much weight can an ebike carry?

Browsing the internet we often find the question: How much weight can an ebike carry?

The weight limit of an electric bike varies considerably, and it's based on construction, quality of materials and other factors. Mass-marketed adult bikes usually have weight limits between 200 and 300 lbs. With the exception of super light racing bikes, which may have lower limits because they are built for light racers.

If you're a robust and muscular cyclist, please, obtain the manufacturer's recommended weight limit before buying and riding an ebike, especially if you are concerned about its frame and components strength.

The producer expresses the total weight that can be carried and it has to be calculated with the weight of the cyclist, including his clothes and equipment, plus the weight of the bagage. The total amount has to be under the recommended max load.

The carrying capacity can also depend on the material chosen for the frame. For example, if two bikes are built identically, one with aluminum and one with steel, the steel bike will be three times stronger. On the other hand, steel tends to be heavy and result to be usable in certain shapes.

However, according to modern frame bicycles and techniques, aluminum tubing tends to be stronger and thicker than before, larger sections are useful to compensate for its natural weakness. In that way it's possible to obtain super robust and light aluminium frames! That's why it's the most common material in ebike construction, because it balances the strength with the lightness.

Furthermore, talking about raw materials, different alloys of steel, aluminum and titanium have different strengths. In short, you can't measure a bike's strength from its material, but need to understand the project and total carry capacity. However, carbon fiber bikes are still generally unsuitable for heavy weights, as they are built for speed and to be light, they don't have to be strong under heavy loads consistently.

So, it will be easier to find in the market a good and robust e-bike fitted with an aluminium frame.

Strength of an ebike: solid build

Modern electric bikes are made to be more strong and robust than a standard bicycle, and they are assembled with solid components that help to increase the carrying capacity. For example we can find wheels with metal rims, instead of classic spokes that can be more fragile.

Wheels also use wider rims with large tyres that can fit a bigger air volume to make the wheel even stronger and more performing under heavy loads. The air works like an extra suspension that dissipates some energy. On the other hand, a very thin rim and wheel, like racing ones, can be damaged easily after an impact with a heavy weight.

The frame itself uses wide aluminum tubing with strong weldings to ensure a long lasting life also with heavy loads and solicitations. At the same time best models are equipped with a set of suspensions that help to distribute the weight on impacts, giving more reliability and comfort during the ride.

We are talking about the suspended fork, in the front of the bike, and rear springs in the back. The more robust structure is built with a double crown fork, that will be firmer and more sturdy.

If you're robust and about a heavy weight, it's definitely better to grab an electric bike with a double suspension. You will have a better riding experience!

Trailers and bagages

If you like to travel or you need to transport things for work or simply your tools or the food coming from the grocery shop, you can carry the rear rack or a front basket. Rack and basket have a max value that you will need to respect, normally it's around 55 Lib.

You can fit a child seat or some bagages or even the food that you buy. The rear rack can be used as well to hang some bike bags that are very versatile and practical, you can  carry stuff inside and then easily remove the bag in a shop or while you arrive at home.

Best bike bags are waterproof and scratch proof, so they will protect your belongings during rainy days or while doing off road.

In addition, if you want to transport heavier loads, it's possible to add a small trailer to transport a child or a little pet, or even to carry some tools and items, naturally respecting the trailer max weight capacity.

Trailers are provided with wheels so they will roll on asphalt reducing the weight that you carry on for transportation.

Robust urban ebike: Meebike Gallop

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The bike it's powered by a 750W motor with a lot of torque that will be useful for heavy loads and trailer transportation.

In addition it's packed with a full set of urban accessories, including a compact rear rack that can be enlarged to carry items.

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