How practical is an ebike for urban commuting?

If you are thinking of buying an electric pedal assisted bike for urban commuting, in this article you will surely find some excellent reasons to do it. In fact we will see together some good reasons to buy an ebike, ranging from the most ethical aspect to the most practical and convenient one.

We are talking about respect for the environment, money savings, health, practicality and of course leisure.

Let's start from a necessary premise, reminding you that unfortunately our planet shows significant climatic changes, worrying phenomena that clearly indicate that we need to make a change in our way of life. To do this, first of all we need to reduce polluting emissions, a necessary move to safeguard the environment and with it our present and future.

In this scenario, urban sustainable electric mobility takes a prominent position, offering a concrete possibility to personally contribute to the big change. Choosing a green vehicle for personal transport makes the difference, and allows you to immediately reduce your environmental impact.

In fact, an electric vehicle substantially reduces CO2 emissions and toxic pollutants, making the air cleaner and more breathable. What are you waiting for?

Money savings

Management costs are also reduced with a pleasant economic benefit: just think that, for example, that "to fill up" an electric bike, the average cost varies between 40/60 USD cents depending on the battery capacity. So not only ethics but also real convenience!

On the other hand, if you fuel up a car you will spend 80/100+ USD depending on your tank.

Furthermore, for an ebike you do not pay any tax or insurance, and you don't need to have a plate: we remind you that in the USA we have different legislation in some countries, so please, check your local laws before buying an ebike.

Health and self care

In addition, those who choose to move daily by pedaling a bicycle will have significant health benefits. In fact, motor activity triggers a whole series of positive reactions in our body that make us healthier, more resistant and even more pleasing, helping us to keep the body in line.

The bicycle is also very useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and slows down the worsening in older subjects. The heart muscle, through constant activity, becomes stronger and more able to resist fatigue. This type of movement allows the control of blood sugar and cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood: it has proven benefits for the prevention and management of diseases such as hypertension, ischemic and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.

Pedaling regularly also gradually strengthens lung ventilation and numerous muscle groups. In the muscles engaged by the activity increases the vascularization and improves the ability to extract oxygen from the blood. Cycling also improves the venous and lymphatic circulation of the lower limbs, helping the cyclist to prevent the formation of annoying swelling in the legs.

Versatile and practical

As if that weren't enough, keep in mind the considerable convenience in handling a bicycle in an urban environment. It is in fact a compact vehicle that takes up little space and that can be parked almost anywhere, right to your destination or brought inside (see folding bikes). There are also different types that serve every type of need with dedicated technical characteristics.

An electric bicycle is easier to manage than a much more voluminous motor vehicle, requires less space, generates less traffic and congestion. The movements therefore become faster, less noisy and cumbersome. Parking becomes easier, arriving close to our destination, even if in this direction the local administrations will have to work hard to make our cities more usable and "bike Friendly", for example by creating ad hoc infrastructures and racks for bikes.

Storage at home is facilitated, and we find practical solutions even for those who live in an apartment.

Let's save our planet

As we said in the beginning, our planet is now struggling in difficulties, reacting in an unpredictable way to counteract the phenomena triggered by the incorrect behavior of the human being. Unfortunately, data in hand, according to the most authoritative scientists we are now close to a point of no return, a step that in the long term can mark the end of the world we know. However, our behavior today can be incisive, even if a whole series of further very important corrections must be implemented to protect the environment.

Among these we certainly mention the substantial reduction of atmospheric pollution, reducing CO2 emissions. Electric vehicles do not produce carbon dioxide during use, and if the electricity comes from renewable sources it is very close to the concept of "zero environmental impact". In other words, the production of harmful and polluting substances is reduced to a minimum during the use and recharging phases.

Ebike is a very efficient vehicle that drastically reduces the environmental impact compared to equivalent products that use fossil fuels and oils. This is certainly a valid reason for choosing to buy an ebike.

And if you think that the behavior of a single individual does not make a difference, think about this aspect. Every large organism or thing is composed and made up of many smaller components, a bit like a big puzzle. So each individual is part of the whole and as such can trigger change by contributing "with the interlocking of his piece", for the realization of a bigger picture. In fact today, fortunately, more and more people are choosing to switch to sustainable mobility, by making this choice you will concretely contribute to the global benefit.

You can therefore choose to sit and watch or pioneer this epochal change, choosing to move in a sustainable way.

Leisure and fun

Finally, let's consider the aspects linked to fun, entertainment and free time. In fact, an electric bike allows you to explore your city with a different point of view, you can reach many spots that are difficult to access when moving with a car.

An electric bike allows you to discover the landscape, visiting natural places with an unprecedented interpretation.

So, as we have seen an ebike is very practical for urban commuting, and if you're looking to buy yours, we recommend the brand new NarMeee Gallop electric bike, that's full of power and equipped with a full set of urban accessories.