How to increase the lifetime of my electric bike's motor?

The electric motor it's the propeller that moves the ebike, it helps the cyst while pedaling with PAS mode or takes the whole charge pushing forward with the Full Electric mode. Modern power units are durable and reliable, they are made to last long and they won't require any daily maintenance.

In fact, rear hub motors are sealed and you will not have to lube either to grease it. Brush less motors are the most reliable and it needs less maintenance, if compared to a mid motor that will require a bearing refreshment after a certain amount of miles ridden.

To keep your motor in a perfect working order and with optimal performances you must avoid exposing it to extreme conditions during storage or while you're using it. As we mentioned the motor is sealed, from one side it's a strength point because it protects itself from water drops and dust, but on the opposite side becomes a weakness if the motor gets overheated and can't cool down.

Worst enemies of your motor are humidity and water, and overheating caused by high temps combined with a high motor stress. It means that you never have to submerge your ebike motor in water, nor wash it with high pressure gauges like the car wash.

In the same way, you have to remember that unfortunately the motor doesn't have a cooling system, so you have to avoid an excess of stress to keep the temperature good.

So, let's see how to protect your electric bike motor to make it last as long as possible!

Electricity fears water and humidity

 Always keep in mind that electric components and batteries can be damaged by the humidity and water. Modern ebiks have a certain grade of waterproofing, which means that they can resist splashes and light rain, but as we already said, they can't withstand high pressure washes or heavy rain.

We recommend not riding under the heavy or torrential rain, and if you get caught by the rain it's better to find a temporary shelter to protect yourself and your ebike. When you get back home after riding in the rain, it's needed to carefully dry all the components and frame, to avoid that water stay in and cause troubles,

Water can infiltrate inside electric components causing a dangerous short circuit that can "literally kill" your electric bike. In addition it can cause oxidation or rust in components, reducing the lifespan of your beloved ebike.

As we said, electric bikes can resist water splashes and light rain, but the most crucial phase is the need to dry all components removing the remaining water.

Avoid storing your electric bike in environments with a very high percentage of humidity, like in the garden or in open spaces outside like a balcony, patio etc... If you have to keep the ebike outside, you must cover it with a proper waterproof and sun resistant cover.

How to keep the ebike motor cool

Another crucial element to consider is the high temperature, in fact the hot summer or locations with a very high temp can make things harder for the motor. The power unit generates heat during the use and needs to cool down.

The rear hub integrated motor is sealed to be protected from dust and water, but on the other hand as a drawback, it hasn't a dedicated cooling system. It means that we must avoid overheating the power unit or it can get burned and ruined.

The motor is made with some magnets and copper wires, where the electricity flows and generates the rotation force. Much energy and power pass through magnets, much heat is generated.

It means that if you ask your electric bike to go fast, the motor will be stressed with a higher temperature. So, you should avoid staying at maximum speed for prolonged times, without some breaks and pauses that are needed to cool down the unit.

The right compromise is to change the speed of the bike, avoiding to stay always on the top speed. While you use the PAS assistance the motor effort is less, and will heat less if compared to the Full Electric mode, that represents the highest motor effort.

To avoid overheating the motor we suggest you alternate PAS and Full Electric mode. While going uphill we suggest to help the motor pedaling, to reduce the motor stress and power request.

Never open the motor if it's not needed!

As we said, hub motors are sealed to prevent the infiltration of dust and water, so they don't need any daily maintenance and it's not needed to open the protection cover.

We highly recommend that you avoid opening the motor without a real need, and if you have to repair it, you must bring in a workshop that's qualified to do it.

Motors are sealed in rooms with a safe and controlled atmosphere, to avoid the infiltration of dust and debris, so you can't simply open the motor in dusty environments or outside, it can cause a premature breakage with a dangerous short circuit.

Now you know how to keep your ebikes motor in a perfect shape, enjoy your ride and have fun!