How to protect ebike from Theft

Unfortunately, everyday a lot of bike and ebikes get stolen worldwide, so we are going to give you advices and tips to protect your electric bikes from thieves.

Everyone that cares and loves his own ebike, must perform a group of actions to protect the electric bike and prevent theft. In fact, it's always pretty risky to leave your bike alone and without any form of surveillance, it can end badly with a stolen ebike! And we want to avoid it.

E-bikes are going to be very popular, they are quite expensive and eye-catching for all thieves, so every rider must be aware to avoid that unpleasant risk of the bike being stolen.

Protecting your ebike is a matter of careful attention and smart preventive actions to reduce the risk and let things be more difficult, discouraging those who want to pick it up.

So, today we are going to talk about how to properly lock your ebike outside. Take a comfy seat and keep reading.

Ebike need to be always locked

It's quite simple and intuitive, but every time that you have to park your ebike outside you must add a safe lock. The bike must be locked to prevent the easy take away. A bike that's not locked can be easily stolen without any effort, by anyone, simply pedaling away.

Also, leaving the ebike without any lock it's seen by police authorities as owner negligence, because you're giving an easy task to whoever wants to appropriate your electric bike. So, be sure that you're not "inviting" anyone to ride away with your bike, add a big and massive lock.

We highly recommend buying a thick and strong lock, a good one that will prevent the easy breakage with a resistant material. Electric bikes have the precious help of the motor, so a heavy and bulky lock will not cause any lack of performance to your pedaling experience, but on the other hand will protect your beloved vehicle while parked.

Always remember that it's better to lock your ebike with a part of the surrounding, like in a fence, in a light pole or anything that can offer a strong support. You will avoid that someone can carry away your bike to cut the lock somewhere else out of sight.

It's not safe enough to place the lock in a wheel, it's better to lock the main frame with the environment. In that way, if they want to steal your bike, they can only try to cut or pickpocket the lock.

Bike locks, don't be cheap, pick the strongest!

We recommend buying a strong and safe lock with a big chain or thick steel wire, it's even better to pick models that are made for motorbikes, because they are very robust and resistant to cuts.

Unfortunately we must say that no lock can't be broken or violated with the proper heavy thief equipment, but you will definitely stay safe for those that haven't the proper tool or use small pocket cutters.

Avoid buying very cheap locks because the keylock can be easily picked with blacksmith pickpocket tools that fits in a hand. Good thieves can pickpocket cheap locks in a few minutes.

Another safe option to avoid pickpockets is to buy a bike lock with 4 digits combination, it doesn't have a lock and it can't be pickpocketed, they can only try to break it and it will not pass unsigned. That will exclude people with small cutters and those who are able to pickpocket.

How and where to lock an ebike

Another important thing it's to choose the right place to lock your bike, because it can help to keep it safe and discourage bad behaviors.

When you have to leave the bike alone outside, always avoid locking the bike in "hidden places' that can offer a shelter to thieves far from people's sight ', it's definitely better to place it on full sight close to the busy street, or even better under the sight of a precious surveillance camera. You can easily find some near many shops, banks or even private houses, so try to add some safety with a camera that will record every person that gets close to your loved ebike.

That will discourage those that can't hide or cover the face, because then they can be easily recognized by police authorities.

How to properly place a lock

Now let's talk about how to place the lock. As we said before, always lock your ebike with the surroundings to avoid it being moved away. With a very big cutter (like the ones that carry firemans) it's possible to cut stronger locks, so we must put the lock in a way that will make it more difficult for theft.

Big cutters require a discrete leverage and strength to be effective, thieves usually put one part of the handle firmly in the ground, keeping it with a foot, and pressing with both harms on the other side of the handle.

So, we should avoid placing the chain straight in the ground, will be better to lock it to a higher point that will make that kind of maneuver not possible, because the thief will have to keep the full cutter higher and can't use the ground as a leverage point.

Safety tips for stolen bikes

We want to give you some more tips and suggestions to make things easy in case your ebike get's stolen.

Every bike has a frame serial number, that's a unique serial code that you can find in the frame, usually close to the bottom bracket or near the streer tube. When you buy an ebike, take a picture and note of that frame number, which will help you to prove to authorities that you own that ebike, because no one else can know that number.

Pick a piece of paper (half page) and write down all your data like name, address and phone number. If you want to be even safer you can cover it with a plastic sheet to make it waterproof.

After you have written and prepared, roll the paper on itself and after removing the right or left handgrip from the handlebar, place the paper inside. The paper will keep itself firm in place "unwrapping" inside the handlebar. Then place back the handgrip to hide it.

No one will see or know that piece of paper, but in case of a bike stolen you can prove to authorities or in front of the thief that you're the real owner of the ebike with your data!

Keep your bike safe and remember to store it in a safe and guarded place!