Ride an electric bike or a regular bike?

If you are approaching the cyclism or searching for a new ecological transport vehicle, you're wondering if it's better to ride an electric bike or a "classic" standard bicycle propelled by human power.

Electric bikes and classic bicycles are very similar in shapes and specs, and the legislation considers legal ebikes exactly as standard bikes, so the choice it's not connected to any kind of licence or registration like for motor vehicles that require a driving licence.

So what's different? E-bikes are equipped with an electric motor and a battery pack, and they provide a precious support over pedals, so the cyclist can go farther, faster and with less fatigue. Electric bikes are useful for anyone and they can let you feel like you have super powers on your legs, in fact you can climb hills easily with little effort, like you're riding on a flat surface.

In modern times, if you want to move with efficiency and comfort, it's definitely better to pick an ebike, because you can enjoy the electric technology to be less fatigued and join your work without dropping a bath of sweat.

If you have already tried to ride a standard bicycle and you feel that's not good for you, that's a great way to choose an ebike to be back on pedals!

We want to explain to you what's different between those two categories, and which benefits are typical of ebikes. Let's go deeper in detail.

Ebikes: halfway between a bicycle and a motorbike

Electric bikes are versatile, powerful and faster than a standard bicycle, and thanks to the tech specs we can say that they can be considered at halfway between a human propelled bicycle and a motorbike.

In fact, best models offer a double possibility to the rider, with PAS assistance the motor helps only while pedaling, or with the full electric mode with a throttle: that last mode can be used without pedaling, exactly like with a gasoline powered motorbike that's fully powered by the motor propulsion.

Those modes can be switched during the ride giving a great sense of freedom and functionality. The cyclist can pedal with assistance until he feels energetic and switch to full electric if feels tired or simply wants to enjoy the landscape without any effort.

It's also possible to choose the amount of help that the motor has to give you, selecting one of the different assistance levels. Less assistance means more effort over pedals, for those that want to stay fit and do some exercise, moving up till the last level that it's made to be fast and dynamic and put a little effort to pedal, perfect choice when you're going to work and won't be late!

Furthermore, it's possible to turn off the motor and pedal your bike exactly like a standard bike propelled by your human power. Thanks to those possibilities, we can say that riding an ebike you have the possibility to drive a classic bicycle, an electric bike or an electric "motorbike".

All ages and every fitness level

The electric bike is suitable for any age and for any training level, in fact thanks to the motor you will not need to start pedaling with a good fitness level, because the electric propulsor will help you as much as you need.

Elder people or individuals that are overweight struggle to start with a standard bicycle because of the lack of training, and they can feel uncomfortable and fatigued after a very short ride, especially if the travel face climbs and hills.

That inconvenience can discourage the use of the bicycle that will be stored in the garage to be abandoned at his own destiny.. but that will not happen with an ebike, because each one can feel plenty of control and power thanks to the electric propulsion.

If you have already abandoned your standard bike and it looks rusty and neglected, an e-bike is the right compromise to be back on pedals with the freedom of a bicycle combined with the precious help of an ecologic motor.

Ebike it's a precious gift also for elders that can be back on pedals and enjoy the time with friends and family. Great chance for those who suffer with health problems or are recovering from an injury, ebike is a game changer in all those circumstances.

Faster and more reliable for daily transportation

As we introduced in the beginning electric bikes are definitely faster than a standard bicycle, thanks to the motor you can keep a certain speed with a very low effort, moving fast and without fatigue.

If you work in the city center you will appreciate the fact that you can move faster than a car that will be stuck in traffic jams, and you will be able to join some shortcuts and dedicated bike lanes.

Furthermore, ebikes are equipped with a lot of urban accessories that will make your ride safer and more comfortable. The set of led lights will let you be safe and well visible in the street, fenders will keep your clothes clean and the rear rack will let you carry heavy stuff.

If you're looking for your first ebike give a look to the brand new Gallop ebike, a performing and comfy electric bike made for urban environments with the capability of exploring off road terrains.

Powerful motor with 750 Watts and a large capacity battery to bring you further and faster, with a complete set of urban accessories it's ready for each daily adventure!