Should older people have to consider buying an ebike?

An ebike it's like a standard bicycle powered by an electric motor that helps the cyclist while pedaling. The motor supports the rider with some different levels of assistance, with more or less support, according to your needs and preferences.

Furthermore, modern e-bkes also equipe a throttle that lets the bike move exactly like a traditional motorbike, the electric bike get's propelled by the motor only. The perfect choice if you feel tired, fatigued or simply want to enjoy the landscape with a smooth effortless ride.

Thanks to those aspects, the electric bike it's suitable for any age, level of training, strength and fitness, and it results as a perfect choice for older people. In fact, anyone can pedal with the precious help of an ebike, going uphill becomes very easy like riding on a flat surface.

Ebikes are more robust and comfortable than a standard bike, so they can easily fit who is a "heavy rider" without any problems, giving the right support and a high level of comfort.

Modern models also equipe wide tyres that are meant to be safer and more performing on any road surface. Infact a large tyre offers more grip and control in any terrain, giving more safety and less troubles with obstacles crossing. In addition, ebikes are packed with useful urban accessories like LED lights and clacson, that make the rider safer and more visible on the road.

All those specs contribute to offering a bike that 's more comfortable and safer for the street, so it's definitely the best choice for an elder person that wants to be back on a bike! 

Motor powered bicycle, or motorbike?

Electric bikes are powered by an electric propulsor that pushes the ebike, helping the cyclist that needs to put a small effort to pedal. For an elder person it will result like having back some dozens of years, feeling a super power on legs.

The ebike gives you the possibility to be back on a bike and enjoy the pleasure of the fresh air in the face, discovering the city or the countryside. It's a great way to follow your younger nephew and discover freedom again.

The motor offers different levels of assistance so you can enjoy the sport activity with a progression, using less or more help according to your needs, the slope and the fatigue.

and thanks to the throttle you can enjoy the ride like a motorbike, with less troubles and obligations. In Fact legal ebikes are considered exactly as standard bikes and you don't need to have an insurance, plate or driving licence. Beware, the USA is a very big country and there are some states with different laws and regulations, so please check the rules of your own town and municipality.

Confort and big fat wheels

More convenient urban ebikes are equipped with a set of suspensions that makes the ride very comfy in any road condition and off road. Best models fit a double suspension system, with a fork in the front and some springs in the back.

In addition urban e-bikes are packed with a large e soft seat to accommodate any rider about any age.

The perfect combination for those who have troubles with neck or back bone pain and can't get too much vibrations in the body.

To make the ride safer and even more comfortable, ebikes equipe wide wheels with fat tyres that are more performing than standard thin tyres. In fact large tyres offer a wider contact surface with the ground, that means more control, traction and grip.

The larger surface make safer and more efficient the electric bike, in fact the braking space is reduced in dry and wet conditions. It's more difficult to lose the wheel control.

Larger tyres also offer a wider surface to overcome road obstacles like road curbs, metro rails and road bumps. It contributes to keeping safer older peoples that have slower reflexes and maybe even less sight on the street.

Accessories make life easier

Finally, we talk about the fact that the best ebikes are packed with a bunch of useful urban accessories that make the ride and everyday life easier.

Easy parking with the kickstand, dry and clean clothes thanks to the set of fenders and a sturdy carry capacity with the rear rack. Will also be possible to install a front basket to carry more things while going to the grocery store.

Safety is very important so ebikes are equipped with LED lights that are connected with the main bike battery, which means that you will not run out of light and you don't need to change the disposable battery after a certain use.

As you can easily understand, electric bikes are versatile and safe, the right choice for elder people that want to move around with little effort and a lot of comfort.

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