What determines the performance of an electric bicycle

As a common means of transportation, electric vehicles play an important role in our life. For many electric bike owners, the most concern about choosing an e-bike is the performance. Generally speaking, the higher the performance of the electric bike, the more popular it is with users. So how to judge the performance of an electric bicycle? The performance of the electric bicycle is embodied in four major accessories: motor, battery, controller, and charger.


There are two commonly used electric bike motors hub motors and mid-drive motors

Hub motor: place the motor in the center of the bicycle wheel, which is the most common form of electric bicycle motor. Hub motors are quite bulletproof and have low maintenance costs, so they are generally more suitable for commuters and those who want simple, reliable, and almost maintenance-free e-bikes

mid-drive motors: install the motor closer to the center of the bicycle and transmit the power of the motor to the rear wheels through the chain drive of the bicycle. The main advantages of the mid-drive motors include lighter weight and better performance, which makes them more suitable for off-road use.


As the power source of electric vehicles, the quality of batteries determines the safety performance, riding experience, and endurance of electric bikes. The popular electric bicycle batteries on the market: are lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

The structure of lead-acid batteries uses an acidic electrolyte. The advantage is that they have good compatibility. Although the number of charge-discharge times is not as good as that of lithium batteries, considering their economy, they can be quickly charged on the street, which can adapt to the convenience of fast charging of batteries. Lead-acid batteries are also safer than lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium batteries have a high energy density, and the advantages of lithium batteries begin to emerge for users who often travel to places with longer distances. However, the charge-discharge requirements are high. It is best to use a qualified special lithium battery charger and not to charge in a high-temperature environment, it is necessary to prevent all overcharging behaviors, otherwise, there will be security risks.

In general, lithium batteries have better battery life, longer service life, and lighter weight, but also more expensive and less safe than lead-acid batteries.

To sum up, Both lead-acid battery and lithium battery have their advantages and disadvantages and they are suitable for different groups of people. Users should choose according to their needs.


The controller mainly controls the start and stop of the motor and is the core control component of other devices of the electric bike, and the performance is different according to different models. It is important to select a motor controller that matches the rated power of the motor and the voltage of the battery pack you are using. A 24-volt controller and 6 batteries will drive a 36-volt motor, but the speed of the motor will be limited. However, controllers operating at a voltage lower than the rated voltage of the battery and motor run the risk of overheating and connector burnout.


The charger is mainly a component that supplements the battery with electrical energy. If you have realized the importance of the battery to the electric bike, then you know that using a suitable charger is crucial for the maintenance of the battery. Generally, it is necessary to prevent the charger from shaking violently when charging, and the charging time should not be too long. These are the basis for battery maintenance.

Final Words

With the same motor power and electricity, the farther the electric bicycle runs, the better the quality of the four core components and the higher the matching degree. As for other factors such as style, color, etc,  Just choose the right one according to your needs. Finally, I hope everyone can buy the best electric bike and have a pleasant riding experience, and I wish you all a safe travel!