Which is the best ebike?

Today we are going to see which is the best ebike in the market, and why. If you're looking for your first electric bike, that blog will be very interesting, and useful to make the right choice.

We can say that the best ebike over all "didn't exist", but we are going to find the best one for your needs!

In fact, you can find a wide variety of models, with different tech specs and prices. We are going to give you some tips to pick the best ebike model, according to your needs and wishes.

Do you need power or lightness and portability? Do you ride for long distances or about a short path? City use or off roading? What about your budget?

Those are some of the main questions that you have to answer, to get the right candidate and choice while looking for the best electric bike model.

Take a comfy seat and keep reading!

Budget will guide your choice

It may seem an obvious thing, but you must consider your budget first. How much can you spend to buy your ebike?  It's a good starting point to understand where to focus while making the choice.

You can find bikes for every price and possibility, starting from 800/1.000 USD till 10.000+USD for professional and more exclusive models, as you can see that's a wide gap and we need to focus on the right target area.

If you're looking for the first electric bike, it would be better to buy an entry level model, that will be cheaper and reliable, without spending too much money. At the same time, it's better to avoid super cheap models, that will be for sure abou a low quality and bad performances.

The right target area for the first ebike can be seen in the 1.500/2.500 USD price range, in which you can buy a performing electric bike that will be reliable and well made.

Power and speed: road legal ebike

You can find a wide variety of models with different motors and power that also influence the maximum bike speed. So, you want to buy the most powerful ebike ever built? Better not, if you want to be able to ride it in the street like a standard bicycle..

If you're living in the USA you must consider your local legislation about electric bikes, because each state can have different rules and obligations regarding speed and power.

You must check for ebikes classification and tech specs, because the main part of states use the new Class category: you will find 3 kinds of ebikes with different specs and characteristics.

In some states, ebike of category 1-2-3 will not need any registration, insurance, plate, and they are compared as a traditional bicycle. So they are free to circulate from road till bike lanes. If you want to go deeper in details keep reading our dedicated article.

To be considered Road Legal the e-bike must have a motor that didn't exceed 750 Watt and a max speed about 28 mp/h for a category 3 model.

If you buy a 1.000 W ore even more, it will need for sure a plate and many other obligations.

How will you use the bike?

After you aim for a legal model in your budget you must understand how you will use your electric bike, and where. That's fundamental to picking the right model.

If you're looking for an electric bike that's robust and reliable and can be used both in asphalt and light offroad, we can suggest you buy a full suspended ebike: it's equipped with a double suspension in the rear and in the front, to give you comfort and traction in all kind of terrains.

Will you need to circulate with a low light environment? Will be fundamental to pick a model that's equipped with LED lights, front and rear, to be safe and well visible on your way.

In the same way urban accessories are very useful if you're searching for a commuting vehicle for daily use. Fenders will keep you clean, the kickstand it's useful for parking, the rear rack if you need to carry bike bags and luggages, and so on..

Battery and performances

A good ebike offers a nice range with a single charge, in fact with a high capacity battery, you can get up to 80+ miles with a single charge. It's possible thanks to the battery pack and optimized motor consumption.

Best models have a Torque Sensor that it's fundamental to get out the best natural pedaling feeling and electric energy saving. Cheaper models are equipped with a Speed Sensor that's not so efficient and waste a lot of battery: if you want to know more details about those two categories, read our article about Speed and Torque sensors. 

Need some advice?

If you're looking for the best entry level ebike, you should consider the new Gallop ebike, that's offered with two frame versions! It's modern and fully equipped with accessories.

You get a full suspension electric bike with a Torque sensor, for a long lasting range and a lot of fun in any kind of terrain: the motor has 750W power and high torque for a fast acceleration.

You can find out every detail in the official product ebike shop.