Why do most e-bike brands choose pedal-assist over throttle?

The first electric bike it's born in 1993 from the Japanese famous company Yamaha, which made the first bicycle with pedaling assistance mode PAS. It means that the first working ebike was equipped with an electric motor and assistance that pushed only over pedals, while pedaling.

It's the best way to let people get close to cycling, enjoying the experience with the precious help of the motor and without the need to have a very high level of training. In fact it's possible to overcome climbs and long distances with a reduced effort and low fatigue, an easy way to practice fitness or simply commuting in the city and surroundings.

With the evolution of electric bikes have also been introduced the throttle, a trigger that activates the electric motor without the need to pedal, the electric bike gets propelled by the motor that takes charge of moving the bike.

Obviously, the feeling given by a throttle is not the same as pedaling a standard bicycle, and it's closer to a motor scooter.

So, the main market of electric bikes for training and cyclists still prefer to equip only the PAS assistance over pedaling. On the other hand, ebike producers that are focused over urban mobility, always add a versatile throttle to offer more alternatives to the user.

If you're looking for a green and versatile vehicle for urban commuting, to reach work and so on.. you will be pleased to have the full set of PAS and throttle, to be sure having the best in terms of choice. If you want to put effort and do exercises, you can push over the pedal, otherwise if you feel tired or simply want to enjoy the landscape, you can turn the throttle and feel.

So, which one is best for you? Depending on your needs, keep reading and find the answer!

Pedaling assistance PAS and Electric Mode

As we already said, ebikes are well known as electric bicycles, or rather bicycles powered by an electric motor that helps the cyclist while pedaling, or even without the need of moving pedals if the e-bike is equipped with a throttle: can be classic rotation throttle or a thumb throttle.

In the market you can find many kinds of ebikes, and they can be equipped with PAS only (Pedal Assistance System) or/and with Full Electric mode, that consist in moving the bike with electric power only like a scooter.

First category is called Class one ebike, and it has a pedaling system only, or can be a Class 3 ebike with a higher maximum speed and PAS only: Class 3 ebikes have some limitations, like can't ride in bike lanes because of the higher speed.

In better ebike urban models those two modes coexist, and the cyclist can easily switch between both according to needs and wishes. For example, you can pedal as a standard bicycle enjoying the motor help (PAS), or just relax and sit moving pushed by the motor in the Full Electric Mode, like in a standard vehicle.

Electric bikes that equip both PAS and Electric mode are considered Class 2 ebikes.

Natural feeling or comfort and transport need?

If you love cycling and want a bicycle that's capable of helping you and give you a soft and smooth support for uphill overcoming and to face long distances, you will do the right thing with a PAS only ebike.

That's the right choice for those that practice mountain biking or road biking, as a passion and sport, for training and leisure. You will be able to keep up with your friends that have more time for training, having fun and relaxing on your favourite trails or roads.

The right solution is also for elders that don't have the same youth strength and resistance.

On the other hand, if you're looking for an urban commuter vehicle, it would be better to pick a Class 2 ebike, equipped with both PAS and full electric mode, to get the best in terms of versatility and comfort.

That kind of bike offers a more consistent support that's meant to reduce the effort over pedals, avoiding sweating while you have to go to work. And thanks to the throttle you can even rest and chill without putting any effort on the pedals.

The right choice for a car substitution, for daily commuting and leisure time.

The best Class 2 ebike for the city?

If you're looking for a Class 2 ebike, we suggest you buy a model that fits a full suspension frame and a powerful motor of 750 Watts. Will also need to have a high capacity battery, to ensure a long riding range considering that with full electric mode it gets reduced to half if compared to pedaling PAS system.

You can't miss a full set of urban accessories like LED lights, kick stand, fenders and rear rack.

We have a perfect candidate that fits all those requirements, the Meebike Gallop, a powerful Class 2 e-bike that's made to offer performance and comfort for urban environments and off-road.

You can pick it to be your best companion during the week and your space ship for exploration during the weekend. What are you waiting for?