Why is ebike so popular around the world?

Electric bikes are spreading fast all around the globe, there are many good reasons but we can suppose especially thanks to their versatility and affordability. Infact ebikes are capable of offering a reliable transportation way with a low cost, in terms of "fuel consumption" and ownership fees. 

In the main part of the world they are considered equal as standard bicycles and it means that it's not required a driving licence nor an insurance. In many states you also have to pay the owning tax over your car or other fuel vehicles, while you don't with an electric bike.

Electric bikes can circulate in the street and inside urban parks, squares etc.. It means that the rider has a lot of freedom and a faster way to circulate inside a busy city. You can pass through a lot of shortcuts and save same precious time 

Ebike It's also way cheaper if compared with a car, in terms of first investment and about maintenance. In fact you will be able to maintain your e-bike with few expenses, and you can also do it by yourself because it's easier.

Last but not least for importance, it's growing the etic to save the planet reducing pollution and Co2 emissions, so people want to take active part of the change, moving with a green electric vehicle.

So do you want to be an active part of the change? Keep reading to have a better knowledge of the argument.

Ebikes are the future of urban transportation

In the last couple of years we have seen an exponential growth of the electric bikes market, after the pandemic peroples discovered the pleasure of moving freely with a bike, and now they have chosen to ride an ebike for daily commuting.

The demand it's more than double than before, producers can't keep up with so many new customers, so they have increased the production line to be able to offer more e-bikes.

Many states have offered to citizen incentives to buy an ebike, to increase the number of electric vehicles in the streets. It has been a success, and many people bought a new ebike for urban commuting and free time.

Every nation and state has different rules and regulations, so we recommend you to check your local legislation to be in line with laws requirements about ebike power, licence etc..

If you're located in the USA, keep reading that article to understand if you need a driving licence.

E-bikes are "faster than a car"

Many recent studies have established that you can move faster with a bike than with a car, especially when the traffic is very high. It's possible because bicycles have dedicated bike lanes and they can easily overcome the long queues made by cars.

Ebikes also have access to squares, urban parks and shortcuts, so you can avoid traffic jam and busy streets, and you can go straight to your destination. Parking it's a typical problem for cars, sometimes you need to search for it for a long time, and have to park far from the desired place.

Instead with an ebike, you can ride close to the door, without the need to pay for a parkings space. As you see it's a big save in terms of money and time.

Home storage also requires less space, in a small garage or inside your home, without the annoying smell of oil and gasoline.

Big savings in your pockets

With an ebike you can start to save a lot of money, in many different ways. First of all, electric bikes are cheaper than cars.

Then we can consider the fuel cost, that as we know recently it's skyrocketed, and it's very expensive. Electric charge is way cheaper, recharge a full battery can cost a few dollars cents, for a range that reaches 80+ miles.

It means that in a month or in a year, you can save thousands of dollars that you can spend on your passions and hobbies!  Isn't it a good reason to go electric?

About the maintenance, it's cheaper and can be done by yourself, or you can bring it to your favourite bike shop. Will need to keep the bike cleaned and well lubed, if you want to know more details read our article about bike washing. 

The ebike will "pay for himself" after one or two years of use, because of the massive money saved from typical car expenses like insurance and other taxes.

We must save the planet

Recently the climate change it's warning us about the need of being more environment friendly, reducing CO2 emissions and pollution.

An ebike is very close to being "zero emission" , especially if we take the energy from renewable sources coming from the sun, wind etc.. Pedaling with an electric bike you can reduce your own impact on the planet and get back health and satisfaction.

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