The Beginning of Meebike

The founder of meebike came from a large family of 8 children. Not being valued among so many children and used to receiving broken toys from his siblings, he received a gift from his father on his 12th birthday: a bicycle. The moment he got on the bike, he felt more comfortable and happy than ever! This began a life inseparable from his bicycle...

The meebike story

After graduating, he turned his love into his job, putting all his passion into the bicycle industry, during which he was introduced to the electric bicycle. He was pleasantly surprised by this game-changing invention, which allowed him to enjoy riding without being physically limited, a revolution in personal transportation, and he was determined to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to promoting this revolution, helping humanity by reducing its dependence on cars and public transportation, helping humanity. and positively impacting our planet for the benefit of society now and for generations to come.

In 2013, he set up his own electric bike factory to produce innovative, high-performance, value-optimized electric bike products. After years of accumulation, he established MEEBIKE, a direct-to-consumer brand. MEEBIKE is firstly to commemorate his first bike, the first thing that was completely his own, that influenced his life afterwards and represented the awakening of "I". Secondly, he really wants his customers to feel the same freedom and joy of being an independent "ME" as he did when he first got on his bike.

MEEBIKE’s Position

MEEBIKE have a soft spot for motorcycles in old-fashioned movies, our design style is biased towards retro styling but combined with modern aesthetics. The torque sensor technology used in all models sold is a completely different speed sensing device. The torque sensor can make the rider feel bionic!In addition to that, our e-bikes strike the perfect balance between comfort, quality and price. .

MEEBIKE's Safety Standards

Rider safety is everything, so if a product doesn’t pass our safety assessment, we simply won’t sell it. Yep, we only stock e-rides that have been fully tested and approved by our expert technical team..

Starting from "ME", providing the best and coolest and most unique electric bikes for each "ME"