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Welcome to Meebike 

Meebike brand is a young professional manufacturer specializing in electric bicycles. Since we have a soft spot for motorcycles in old-fashioned movies, our design style is biased towards retro styling but combined with modern aesthetics.

We are committed to creating stylish and high-performance electric bicycles to bring a better experience to every electric bicycle rider, not just a simple electric bike but more flexible and more interesting. Meebike has strict technical checks to ensure the safety and quality of every electric vehicle that customers get.

We hope Meebike can make your life more interesting!

The torque sensor technology used in all models sold is a completely different speed sensing device. The torque sensor can make the rider feel bionic!In addition to that, our e-bikes strike the perfect balance between comfort, quality and price!

Our delivery model is direct from the factory to the consumer consumption model, and this model ensures that no other middlemen will produce hangers and that we will serve customers directly.

--Meebike Team

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